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Software Protection

CopyLock USB Dongle is a small electronic hardware device, designed to get plugged on any of the PC's I/O (Input/Output) port, acts as an Security key for a particular piece of software. The CopyLock Software Dongles Protection are available to work on Universal Serial bus (USB Dongles) port and Parallel (LPT Dongles) port.

CopyLock Hardware Keys - USB Secure Dongles provide comprehensive security and unsurpassed value in the market today. Our proprietary encryption ensures that the responses generated by the keys are unique each time the key is accessed, eliminating brute force attacks.

CopyLock USB Secure Dongles is one of the best Dongles which eliminates attacks from the use of record and playback as well as driver emulation. Our internal authentication design also makes hardware cloning virtually impossible

USB Dongles Implementation: CopyLock Dongles provides the complete security shell to the software application with minimum efforts overhead for the developers. Our extensive, pre-configured API library provides the highest level of security without forcing you to spend time on low-level programming. The state-of-art design of it, keeps the system very easy to use and yet provides the most powerful software protection.

In simplest form, the system can be described as the developers issuing checks for the DONGLE in their program and validate the response to confirm the authorization. If the response is not obtained correct, the application usage is to be treated as illegal by the developers. The incorrect response can be due to one from the several reasons, viz., DONGLE missing, Incorrect DONGLE found, hacking/tampering attempts made, etc.

Data Protection

CopyLock Data Protection Software can be used to protect the data files viz. video projects, videos, Audios, Flash and other documents.

The protected data files can not be opened by any means. The Copylock special launcher program requires to be run to use these files.

The system can be very useful to protect the projects and other files created using Edius, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, Pinnacle.

Dongle Models

CopyLock Dongle Types To cater the Single user and Multi user protection requirements of the developer, following various DONGLE types are available for USB Dongles & LPT Dongles: Standalone Type: This type of DONGLE will respond to the application’s request only if the application is running on the same machine...

Standalone Type: This type of DONGLE will respond to the application’s request only if the application is running on the same machine. Network Type: This model DONGLE will respond to the application’s request made from any computer on the LAN (Local Area Network)

Dongle Models: