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CopyLock-NetMX Dongles

• Fits on USB port or USB hub
• Standalone type
• Design is based on USB 2.0 standard
• Ported on DOS, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, Solaris
• Access speed is reasonably fast
• User programmable memory of about 400 bytes

CopyLock USB Dongles - Technical Specifications

• Designed to fit on USB port; true plug and play connectivity
• Compliant to USB 1.1 and 2.0 specifications
• It can be connected on any of the USB port of PC or USB Hub
• Designed based on Windows built-in HID class, thus, no external driver needed.
• ABS material is used for Chassis cover.
• Operates between 0 – 55 degree temperature
• Read/write memory of size 512 to 2K bytes based on model
• At least 10,00,000+ re-write can be made on memory.
• At least 10 year data retention life
• Weighing about 30 gms
• Dimensions is 60 x 16 x 9 mm
• No battery or external power needed

Software components

The software components of the COPYLOCK system provide the mean to interact with the DONGLE directly and through developer application.

The Product’s Starter Kit has all the software components bundled into a Program CD. COPYLOCK software components files can be categorized into following main categories:

Dongle Protection Configuration

The programs in this, are meant to monopolize and configure the individual DONGLE to enable their usage as per your requirements.


This category has the add-on utilities, viz., to load the COPYLOCK system drivers, to detect and retrieve DONGLE control data, to monitor and diagnosis the COPYLOCK system working, etc.


The Application Programming Interface (API) libraries are used to access the DONGLE connected on computer, from developer application. The API libraries acts as bridge between software application and hardware lock DONGLE.

The API libraries are provided to suit to various DOS, Win16 and Win32 based program development tools. The right form of the library to meet the demand of individual development tool has the entry here.

To quicken the tasks of developers understanding and ease in implementation, sample example programs for commonly used development tools are bundled in the Program CD.

Help files

The electronic form of User’s Guide and brief description on various topics of the COPYLOCK system are included in the Program CD.

COPYLOCK – Right choice for the developer!!

The COPYLOCK system provides the complete security shell to the software application with minimum efforts overhead for the developers.

The state-of-art design of it, keeps the system very easy to use and yet provides the most powerful protection. The salient features illustrated herein can assure the developer… the COPYLOCK as right choice to secure their software application!!

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